Kawarasho Corporation, Nara, Japan
temple roof
temple roof
Traditional Japanese Roofs from Nara

Kawarasho Corporation, located in the old Japanese capital Nara, is one of the few companies specialized in construction and repair of traditional Japanese roofs. This includes traditional Japanese houses as well as temples and important cultural assets protected by the Cultural Properties Protection Act.

We also offer our services and expertise for constructions abroad. Just drop us a line to see what we can do for you: info@kawarasho.com

Kawarasho Corporation
Imaizumi 409-1 Kashiba-shi, Nara-ken
Tel. +81-745-76-5023
Fax +81-745-76-1714
eMail info@kawarasho.com

Sale of roof tiles and shingles
Construction and repair of roofs
Construction of traditional temples
Construction of and repair of important cultural assets
Construction of modern homes
Renovation of old or damaged roofs

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